Follow the money

By Tom Quiner

Sharyl Attkisson is an award-winning journalist.

She gained recognition by exposing Hillary Clinton as a liar (once again) for her claim that she had dodged sniper fire in Bosnia. Ms. Attkisson was there and new better, forcing Hillary to backtrack and admit she “misspoke” (lied).

Attkisson left CBS when she apparently became disenchanted with the network’s increasing lack of journalistic objectivity and their leftward, pro Obama tilt.

The above talk is amazing. She became fascinated with the sudden eruption of a “fake news” narrative in the liberal media. Media outlets in unison began labeling pro conservative news stories as fake.

What accounted for this spontaneous narrative from the mainstream media? Attkisson found out by following the money.

Watch her talk. She is awesome.

You will marvel at the end of the story and how Donald Trump outwitted the MSM. Love Trump or hate him, he is no pushover.