Alfie Evan’s life hangs in the balance.

At nine months, he began experiencing seizures, and caught a chest infection when his parents checked him into the hospital in Great Britain.

Once again, the world witnesses a tug of war between parents who want the hospital to save the life of their child, and a system constrained by bureaucracy, budgets, and bean counters.

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By Iowans for Life Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal ran with the headline: “Iowa’s Labor Plight: Too Many Jobs.” They ran with the wrong lede. The correct headline should have been: “Iowa’s Labor Plight: Worker Shortage.” The article points out that Iowa’s unemployment has dropped to an astounding 2.9%. Manufacturers in particular cannot find enough people…

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A ‘straw man’ is an:

“intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.”

Proponents of human abortion, such as Planned Parenthood and most politicians on the Left, rely on these phony arguments in an attempt to deflect the unwary from an ugly Truth: every single Human Abortion ends the life of a unique human being.

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Over half a million people marched for life in Washington DC and the Hollywood elite and the mainstream media yawned.

Over half a million people marched for life in Washington DC and the Hollywood elite and the mainstream media fawned.

The first March took place in January. I refer to the March for Life, which has taken place for more than four decades.

The second march just took place. I refer to the March for our Lives rally. CNN slobbered over the 2nd with massive coverage, as you can see above, at the same time they ignored the pro life, anti abortion march in January.

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America’s political Left and Right can at last find common ground on at least one subject: Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to some gritty investigative undercover reporting by a variety of groups, we have learned much about the organization spawned by Margaret Sanger. Here’s what we now know, the common ground, so to speak, upon which the two sides can agree:

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By Tom Quiner America’s best-known pornographer calls for the destruction of Down Syndrome babies. In an interview a few years ago, Larry Flynt said: “Sarah Palin is the dumbest thing. She did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down’s Syndrome.…

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QUESTION:  What is the most important right in America?

ANSWER:  Most would quickly point to the First Amendment. It specifies freedom of expression and religion as foundational freedoms. However, freedom of thought, or conscience, is the ultimate foundation upon which other freedoms rely, and it is under grave assault.

The assault on this freedom comes from a seemingly unlikely source: abortion and so-called women’s reproductive rights.

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