The pornography of abortion

By Tom Quiner America’s best-known pornographer calls for the destruction of Down Syndrome babies. In an interview a few years ago, Larry Flynt said: “Sarah Palin is the dumbest thing. She did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down’s Syndrome.…

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Freedom of thought hangs in the balance

QUESTION:  What is the most important right in America?

ANSWER:  Most would quickly point to the First Amendment. It specifies freedom of expression and religion as foundational freedoms. However, freedom of thought, or conscience, is the ultimate foundation upon which other freedoms rely, and it is under grave assault.

The assault on this freedom comes from a seemingly unlikely source: abortion and so-called women’s reproductive rights.

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Presidential perfidy

Dem icon JFK partied with hookers at the WH, bedded a mobster’s GF. Dem icon Bobby was a serial cheater. Dem icon Teddy was a sex predator who assaulted women. Dem icon BClinton was accused of rape, and HRC of intimidating an alleged rape survivor. So let’s talk #StormyDaniels. — Larry Elder (@larryelder) March 10,…

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