“All I want for Christmas is you”

Advent has many components, beginning with our preparation for the coming of the Lord.

It also allows us to revel in a season of great music, both sacred and secular.

The secular song above is a catchy, newish Christmas song that I never get tired of listening. Mariah Carey wrote it and sings it above with Michael Bublé.

Happy Advent!

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Prayers continue to be answered this Advent

The secular world is oblivious to the lavish quantity of prayers devoted to Life.
In the Catholic Church alone, thousands of the faithful say Rosaries every day, every week, every month, year-after-year on behalf of this single cause alone.
So many of our Protestant brothers and sisters join us in praying on behalf of the dignity of human life …

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An Advent prayer for a pagan world

Paganism is flourishing in America and around the world.
This heathen religion takes a number of forms. For some, it is a sort of worship of nature, as expressed by this person who wrote to Dear Abby in the morning’s paper …

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"The whole world is waiting for love"

The lesbians spit on the praying men.
The men continued their prayer:
“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.”
The self-proclaimed lesbians stripped off their tops to expose their bare breasts.
The men closed their eyes. Some covered their eyes with their hands. Their prayer continued:
“Blessed art thou among women … “

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"Would a king be born to a peasant family?"

Wise men have always looked at the heavens with wonder. For them, the night sky filled with stars represents the luminous, the utterly ineffable, the holy. With this sense of overwhelming awe, comes a question: “What lies behind it all?”

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