Ready … aim … fire!

These were the last words Howard F. Anderson ever heard. He was executed by firing squad per the orders of Fidel Castro. He refused a blindfold so he could bravely stare down his executioners. He whistled a tune before the first bullet pierced his heart, ending his life.

Prior to his execution, Castro had most of Mr. Anderson’s blood drained so it could be put to medical use for the benefit of his revolutionary soldiers.

This story is but one chapter in the evil legacy of Fidel Castro. It is worth revisiting…

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Bonnie M. Anderson won seven Emmy Awards. She was finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. She has been nominated for the Maria Coors Cabot Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Columbia University.

Ms. Anderson, who is now president of the Anderson Media Agency, ran across my blogpost from last year that recounted her father’s death. She sent me this response:

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“If a man who murdered 20,000 people, imprisoned for decades hundreds of thousands of others, caused countless hundreds of thousands to flee the country (many losing their lives in desperate attempts to reach freedom on flimsy rafts) and has repressed a nation for nearly five decades – – denying them the most basic of human rights — is not considered a ruthless dictator by all, who the hell is?”

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