A brave new world for male athletes

It is official.

Once and for all, God is dead in the eyes of Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and leftist intelligentsia everywhere.

They reject the sentimental notion that God determines your sex. Now, you can determine your own sex, and no one dare argue…

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Transgender chic

“Although the acting was well-done, the film is ultimately little more than an LGBT sales tool. It is true that transgender people are suffering. But what the film fails to address is that, all too often, transgender patients continue to suffer even after surgery, because their psychological problems remain untreated. I know from first-hand experience, as I was once a transgender woman, and I regret my sex-reassignment surgery.”

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E pluribus unum

Here’s where things get interesting: liberals have erected a sophisticated network of preferences for these protected classes. About the only unprotected class is white males. Interestingly, since affirmative action was applied to college admissions, we’ve seen male enrollment in colleges plummet from 58% of enrollees in 1970 to 43% today.

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