The indoctrination of our children continues

Dan Savage is gay.

Mr. Savage is profane.

Mr. Savage is virulently anti-Christian.

And of course, this is a man invited to a White House reception, along with his husband.

They honor his viewpoint. So does the Disney Channel which is rewarding his offensive speech with a new television series cynically titled, “Family of the Year.”

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Bullying for adults

” … some Iowans know of Sen. Tom Harkin’s praise of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement for their “agitation.” That “agitation” took the form of four busloads of 100 CCI members recently flooding the yard of our family home with signs and bullhorns, coming up to our house yelling and taking pictures through the window of our study. The protest originated because these people disagreed with my husband, who joined 2,500 other Iowa volunteers in a bipartisan effort called “Fix the Debt.”

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The indoctrination of our children

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] “Hi, f*gg*t!” Quiner’s Diner is repulsed by anti gay slurs, anti-Christian slurs, anti-black, anti … well, you get the idea. The two words I bleeped in the sentence above are the two words that advice columnist, Dan Savage, uses to begin his column, “Savage Love.” He uses the words to reclaim…

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