The Fiorina challenge

Carly Fiorina won Wednesday night’s Republican debate.

According to a poll by Morning Consult, 29% said Fiorina won; 24% said Trump won; and 7% gave it to Dr. Ben Carson.

Fiorina is hot right now…

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Common ground on human abortion

Democrats and Republicans can actually find common ground on the vexing issue of human abortion.

We know abortion has nothing to do with women’s reproductive health. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it involves a healthy mom carrying a healthy child. Health has nothing to do with the decision…

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5 reactions to last night’s debate

Fiorina is a formidable debater. Even more, she is establishing the persona of a formidable leader. Her put down of Trump for his insufferable remarks about her appearance will live in debate lore forever. I am certain Saturday Night Live writers are at work on a sketch based on this exchange.

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The face of leadership

By Tom Quiner Carly Fiorina is class. Donald Trump isn’t. Mr. Trump generally proves it every time he opens his mouth. He drew particular attention to his boorishness by mocking Carly Fiorina’s appearance last week. Ms. Fiorina struck back with a zinger of an ad, which I’ve posted above. Way to go, Carly! Great ad.…

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Contempt for government

Donald Trump is not the story.

Yes, Mr. Trump is an entertaining character. He has struck a chord, that’s for sure, with his contemptuous, tell-it-like-it-is approach to campaigning. But the story is the rest of the polling…

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