Be prepared to annihilate an anti-Life straw man argument

A ‘straw man’ is an:

“intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.”

Proponents of human abortion, such as Planned Parenthood and most politicians on the Left, rely on these phony arguments in an attempt to deflect the unwary from an ugly Truth: every single Human Abortion ends the life of a unique human being.

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Welcome home

The Pope comes to America.

What a perfect time to reflect on the power and majesty of God’s Church, the Catholic Church. Christ Jesus built His Church upon His Rock, that Rock being Peter, the first pope. Pope Francis is the 266th Roman pope in a line that can be traced directly back to Peter.

I read a letter in the Wall Street Journal this morning with that same old tired diatribe that pro lifers don’t care about the kid after he or she is born.

Of course, it is a total falsehood…

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The rising tide of anti-Catholicism

Here’s what’s interesting about Catholic Charities: They serve the needy without regard to religious, social, or economic backgrounds. Liberals want to change that. Obama’s HHS Mandate requires them to provide services in their healthcare policies that violate Catholic principle. The only way they can avoid the mandate is by dismissing non-Catholic employees, and to begin refusing to serve non Catholics. Does this sound like compassionate government policy to you?

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Catholic Charities denies that they support the Obama Mandate

By Tom Quiner The Mainstream Media (MSM) states that Catholic Charities supports the Obama Mandate requiring Catholic organizations to provide abortifacients, sterilization, and contraception to their employees. Here is what they really say on the subject: [Catholic Charities] “welcomes the administration’s attempt to meet the concerns of the religious community and looks forward to reviewing…

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