Gay atheist has much to teach liberal Christians about Christianity 2

The Duck Dynasty debacle reveals how Big Entertainment and Big Media try to marginalize practicing Christians. Even more, main line Protestantism is moving toward an embrace of homosexuality and away from the notion that acting on same-sex desires is sinful. A gay atheist who knows a great deal about Christianity says these Christians are misrepresenting what Christianity really says about homosexuality … More…

God loves us into existence 7

Zacchaeus was a scumbag.

He wasn’t just a tax collector at the time of Christ, he was the chief tax collector. He collaborated with the Romans by becoming their tax collector, seizing money from his Jewish neighbors on behalf of their oppressors, and keeping a cut for himself.

A modern equivalent for a liberal would be a greedy capitalist who exploits the little guy so he can live in his fancy, gated community while the world falls apart around him.

A modern equivalent for a conservative might be a politician who seizes (taxes) money from the little guy and passes it onto their pals in the human abortion industry … More…

How much longer will we tolerate the abuse scandal? 1

Our kids are still getting raped and abused.

Lives are being shattered, seemingly on a daily basis, by authority figures our kids have been conditioned to trust.

A study quantified the carnage: ten percent of our kids that come in contact with this respected institution have been victims of sexual misconduct, rape, or sexual assault. Ten percent! Shouldn’t something be done? More…

Obama Government erects artificial barrier between Catholic priests and our soldiers Reply

Marc was stationed in Afghanistan for thirteen months.

The place sounds like a living hell. He said you never knew when violence could erupt. Marc, a friend of mine, was there to rebuild roads. His unit wasn’t there to destroy; they were there to build. And yet an invisible sniper took aim at Marc one day and pulled the trigger.

The bullet headed for his brain … More…