GQ pushback 6

By Tom Quiner

Here’s what I posted yesterday:


A QD reader jumped to GQ’s defense:

“I interpret your blogpost about the GQ men of the year as a way for you to make an association between a famous figure taking a stance that you disagree with, and known child molesters.

I do not think these issues have anything to do with each other. Colin kapernick is controversial, but has staked a position on principle. There is no relationship between his stance, and Woody Allen’s known transgressions.

The comparison does nothing to further the dialogue about what to do about sexual abuse. It also does nothing to further the dialogue about law enforcement and racism.”

The criticism is well-stated. Here’s my response:

“These are all men of the Left who look down on traditional Judeo-Christian thinking. These are the men who through their respective trades have taken it upon themselves to tell us little people how we’re supposed to think and feel.

Their moral shortcomings have always been ignored by the media and the liberal glitterati because of their leftist philosophy … until now. I am merely shining a small light on the phoniness of these men.  I am not aware, of any moral failings on the part of Mr. Kaepernick, other than the hypocrisy of his Black Lives matter embrace in light of the wonderful upbringing he received from the white couple who adopted him. Thanks for weighing in.”

What do YOU think? Am I off base?

Politically-correct capitalism is a loser 4

I got an email from the Democratic Party yesterday.

They’re raising money in an attempt to overturn the stunning mandate won by Republicans in the election.

Here’s a flavor of their “love note”:

“What do Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin — Trump’s incoming Secretaries of Commerce and the Treasury — have in common?

They’re both Wall Street billionaires who got rich preying on working Americans and foreclosing on their homes. And once confirmed, they plan to start bringing back the Bush-era economic policies that helped lead us to the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.”

They dost protest too much, methinks… More…