What kind of guy is Barack Obama? 2

We know he was sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd. Two years ago, he let them take over McPherson Square. McPherson Square is controlled by the National Park Service, whose boss is the president. McPherson Square lies in the heart of the nation’s capitol.

The OWS crowd moved in, confronted police and despoiled the square. They defecated and urinated in this park in very public ways. Some occupiers roamed the area naked to make some type of point, although I’m not quite sure what it was.

Maybe it was simply that “anarchy is cool.”

Anyway, the president was okay with this, letting these lowlifes occupy the space for two months. He let taxpayers pick up the tab to clean up the substantial mess left behind once they cleared out and moved back into their parents’ basements … More…

Barack Obama vs. the American public 6

The president told the Park Service to barricade the World War II Memorial.

A bunch of veterans from Iowa and Missouri were flown in on an Honor Flight to recognize their contribution to our nation. The president used them as pawns to inflict as much damage on his enemy, the Republicans. You see, the Park Service was closed down due to an impasse on renewing a continuing budget resolution.

One of the men in attendance was the father of a friend of mine. This vet is 89 years old. What are the odds of him making it back to Washington D.C. again? More…