A Canadian teen shoots straight about sex 16

A Canadian teenager speaks passionately about contraception: “Fact: Despite a girl at my school being taught about every contraceptive measure you can dream of by both the school and her parents, being told strongly about using them, her and her boyfriend have still had pregnancy scares. Why? Because despite being specifically told this – despite being SPECIFICALLY educated on this subject – and by the way, our education system actually makes us properly apply condoms on wooden you-know-whats, so you can’t call me out on us not having “proper” education – she is just “too lazy” to follow through with it. That’s a teenager for you (and I won’t lie; in other respects, I’m pretty lazy myself). The girl already knows what’s best for her about these issues. Does this stop her from having sex with her boyfriend every other day (often not bothering to use a condom) and smoking marijuana? No.”

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Abstinence adversaries vent 12

“This is a perfect story to share, it illustrates every point I’d like to make. A 13 year old girl having sex behind her parents back will obviously not have had an open discussion about birth control with them. Someone who gets pregnant while on the pill and using condoms is not using either correctly. I used condoms for almost 20 years with no problems, and then got pregnant within two months of trying for a child. You cannot sell these lies and expect to be taken seriously.” More…

Did you hear about the teacher who had sex in the closet twice in one day? 6

“Did you see the front page of the newspaper?”

I was enjoying morning coffee with my wife. We were reading the newspaper. Having finished the main news section, the Metro Iowa section, and the Sports page, I turned to my favorite section, the comics.

As I chuckled over “Rhymes with Orange,” I noticed Karen was glancing at the front page.

“Are you reading the article about the school teacher who was forced to resign for having sex with a staffer in the closet of his classroom?” More…