The profane, the violent, and the demagogues 3

Liberals roared their displeasure on Twitter with typical indelicacy.

They were reacting to the Supreme’s Course smack down of the HHS Mandate imposed on closely held companies, such as Hobby Lobby. The Green family that owns Hobby Lobby said the mandate forced them to violate their religious conscience or be fined.

The Supreme Court agreed with the Greens.

Here are a few (heavily edited) comments on Twitter in reaction… More…

Can teens control their sex drives? 6

The debate rages.

On one side are those who insist that the simple solution to teen-age promiscuity is more contraception.

On the other side are the abstinence advocates.

One side says its too late for abstinence, that the horses are out of the barn, so to speak. We need to be realistic and deal with the situation at hand with even more training on birth control methods. Even more, some of these same contraception advocates don’t see anything wrong with kids having sex, as long as they use contraception properly. And if that fails, as it so often does, well, just have an abortion.

Big deal.

The abstinence folks disagree and look at kids as human beings with more dignity and self-control that animals. They believe they can begin to corral some of the horses running wild.

I thank everyone from both sides who have weighed in on this discussion, especially the teen-agers.

Here is some great input from another teen, named Ada … More…