Super Bowl lessons in class and classlessness

How did he handle defeat? With total classlessness.

Watch him action in the video above. He is sullen. He responds with one word answers or short sentences. After just a few minutes, the man with a $103 million contract just stands up and walks out.

What a lack of class. The guy who feels no compunction at rubbing it in when things are going well lacks the character to show grace in defeat.

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Is Peyton Manning worth $96 million?

Is Peyton Manning worth $96 million. A very good liberal friend of mine adamantly states that no one is worth that much money? Says who, I ask? The Denver Broncos suggest that Mr. Manning is very much worth the money, or else they wouldn’t have signed a contract for that amount. Mr. Manning is certainly reviled as part of the “one percent” by members of the Left who are motivated by greed and envy. And yet Mr. Manning did so much good for Indianapolis, the city, in terms of his charitable giving and the job creation he engineered by turning them into a rabid football town …

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