Conservatism is constructive; leftism is destructive

“Those posting messages in this left-wing forum publicly announced that they did what they did every day, from voting to attending a rally to planning a life, because they wanted to destroy something, and because they hated someone, rather than because they wanted to build something, or because they loved someone. You went to an anti-war rally because you hated Bush, not because you loved peace. Thus, when Obama bombed, you didn’t hold any anti-war rally, because you didn’t hate Obama.”

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Did Donald Trump just end Obamacare?

By executive order, President Trump has effectively eliminated the mandate and opened the door to cheaper, catastrophic insurance coverage. What Morris is saying is that even if Congress does nothing, Obamacare has already been gutted. All that remain are the subsidies.

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“All of you supporting this are being scammed.”

Very few saw the tsunami of discontent that swept Trump into office. Mr. Trump may be a very imperfect vessel, but he is a force to be reckoned with. I have never seen such frenzy to bring down a presidency as I’m seeing from the Left and the mainstream media.

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The Super Bowl reveals a human side to Donald Trump

I predicted that the New England Patriots would win yesterday’s Super Bowl 37 to 28.

I was close. The final score was, in fact, 34 to 28, in the most epic game in history, despite the fact that I pulled mightily AGAINST the Patriots.

I ran across a side story that is worth sharing. It involves the way Donald and Melania Trump rallied around the owner of the Patriots, Robert Craft, when his wife died six years ago.

It reveals a human side to Donald Trump, a side that is difficult to get out to the public in light of the president’s antics. Here is Robert Craft’s story:

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Trump reneges on Christians

Mr. Obama did the same thing by barring discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people working for federal contractors, the first time that had ever been imposed on contractors by the federal government. With that stroke of a pen, Mr. Obama essentially barred Muslim and Christian groups and contractors, who believe acting on homosexual impulses to be sinful, from competing for these lucrative contracts.

For example, Catholic Charities is out. So are Baptist groups who provide great relief services in times of disaster.

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