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Last night, Dr. Carson was Dr. Carson in the Republican debate. He clearly doesn’t grasp policy as well as the “insider” candidates. He has flip-flopped on issues several times. He is feeling his way on others.

But then Ben demonstrated why normal people love him. In his closing remarks, he identified the disease eating away at this great country:

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Liberal weapons are losing their edge

Just look at Obama’s mentors. He was tutored by a rogue’s gallery of anti-American mentors in his formative years:

Frank Marshall Davis was a communist and a pornographer. His sentiments were with the Soviet Union and Red China.

Roberto Unger is a philosopher, Brazilian politician, Obama’s former Harvard law professor, and a socialist.

Edward Said is Palestinian, an anti-colonialist, and anti-Israeli whom some say is a terrorist sympathizer.

Bill Ayers founded a communist underground group, The Weather Underground, that bombed public buildings and killed people.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright was an anti-American, anti-Israeli preacher at the church Barack and Michelle Obama attended for two decades.

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Dr. Ben’s altruism shames Hillary

What a contrast.

Dr. Benjamin Carson is a self-made man. Born into abject poverty and nurtured by the tough love of his mother, he became a world famous neurosurgeon.

On the other hand, most would not consider Hillary Clinton a self-made woman…

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