The discipline fix

Two sets of school systems.

A tepid 20% of the students in System One are able to pass their state’s math tests.

A robust 95% of the students in System Two are able to pass the same tests.

Which system works best? It is self-evident: System Two.

Which system does Hillary Clinton support? Guess!

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A fan of “flexible schooling” writes

OK, it took some time for me to arrive at this position, but I am now a huge fan of flexible schooling. We did it the last two years of youngest daughter’s high school and wish we would have started earlier. Technically it is home schooling, but with the mix of online courses and Home School Association classes it is really more like flexible schooling…

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“We want more”

The Chicago teachers union is honest: they’re greedy. Today’s Associated Press story quotes union president Karen Lewis about her members: “They want to know if there is anything more they can get.”

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Rush Limbaugh’s take on Newt’s last debate

By Tom Quiner Newt Gingrich was strong in last week’s debate. Rush had this to say: “And we talked about it during the 2008 campaign. Nobody wanted to hear it. The hopey-change thing was just too big of a theme. It was absorbing all the energy. But it was shocking, the details of this story.…

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Free choice is the path to better schools

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] Kelley Williams-Bolar is going to jail for the crime of wanting a better education for her kids. This has been Catholic Schools Week and National School Choice Week. Ms. Williams-Bolar’s plight would have been avoided had Democrats not blocked her desire to send her kids to a nice school in the…

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