Thousands “occupy” Chick-fil-A 7

Mark your calendar. This was a watershed day in America. This was the day the faithful struck back. Two events coalesced on Wednesday. One was the “Occupy Chick-Fil-A” event. This was much different than Occupy Wall Street where folks gathered in droves to revile the productive and besmirch public property. The second was the implementation of the HHS Mandate … More…

The horror of hope 2

Barack Obama promised hope and change. He is delivering on his promise. He has brought hope to the abortionist who will see his profits go up as ObamaCare is implemented. He has brought hope to Planned Parenthood who will also see hefty increases in its bottom line as the Obama Mandate is implemented and contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization are forced on employers everywhere for their employees. On the other hand, he has demoralized advocates of limited government, religious freedom, and fiscal sanity. More…

“The president is coercing us into immorality.” 2

By Tom Quiner

Catholics are shaken to their core by Barack Obama and his party.

Baptists, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, and even Muslims join Catholics in their shock and revulsion at Mr. Obama’s assault on our freedom of religion.

Non-Catholics may not be fully aware of the Catholic viewpoint that the president and his party are “coercing us into immorality.”  Just watch the sermon above from an articulate local Priest.

He quotes Catholic Bishops who state they will go to jail before bowing to the religion the Left wishes to impose on us, Secular Humanism.

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads. Are they going to stand by a president who has cast himself as the enemy of the Catholic Church?

Or will they return to the party that watches out for the little guy?

With 54 million abortions under our belt, each one sanctioned by the power structure of the Democratic Party, it is clear they no longer care about the little guy.

Even more, the Democratic Party is now the enemy of the Catholic Church.