Climate apocalypse forecast in 1986 Reply

Mark Shea is a Catholic commentator.

His theological insights are excellent. However, he exhibits a real edge on political, social, and economic issues, sure to infuriate liberals and conservatives alike.

His Facebook post yesterday on the “greenhouse effect,” a precursor to global warming and climate change et al, was hysterical. Enjoy! More…

Climate deniers expose the climate liars 4

The books have been cooked by the global warming climate change mob.

Quiner’s Diner wrote about the ‘myth of climate change consensus’ just last week. The Wall Street Journal followed up today with another piece disputing the claim that 97% of “the world’s scientists” agree on the “crippling consequences” of climate change, as John Kerry recently said.
According to Joseph Bast and Roy Spencer, the claim is cravenly false. More…