QUIZ: What enrages Obama?

It’s hard to get under President Obama’s skin.

He prides himself in keeping his cool. Even when he intones sharp words, he delivers them with a calm exterior that reveals minimal passion.

That’s what makes Bret Stephens’ piece in today’s Wall Street Journal so fascinating. Mr. Stephens writes a regular column for the WSJ called Global View. Evidently, the president is enraged over one particular issue.

Just one.

Of the following issues, guess which one has Mr. Obama enraged?

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Why are liberals against Israel?

By Tom Quiner Jew hatred is alive and well. Helen Thomas, renowned liberal reporter for Hearst Newspapers, made the following statement:  “I think the Jews should get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland. Back to Germany, the home of the Holocaust. Back to Poland, the home of Auschwitz. Ms.…

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