QUIZ: What enrages Obama?

By Tom Quiner


12_15308120140902122407It’s hard to get under President Obama’s skin.

He prides himself in keeping his cool.  Even when he intones sharp words, he delivers them with a calm exterior that reveals minimal passion.

That’s what makes Bret Stephens’ piece in today’s Wall Street Journal so fascinating. Mr. Stephens writes a regular column for the WSJ called Global View. Evidently, the president is enraged over one particular issue.

Just one.

Of the following issues, guess which one has Mr. Obama enraged?



Putin invades the Ukraine?


Russians shoot down a civilian airplane?

Hey, things happen.

Islamic killers publicly behead an American journalist?

Didn’t even interrupt his golf game.

Assad crosses the redline?

You kidding me? He handed off the problem to Putin.

Hamas executes 18 so-called collaborators? ISIS seizes Mosul? China sends their jets to harass our surveillance planes over international waters?

No. No. No.

The president reserves his rage for our friend and only democracy in the Middle East: Israel.

No rage for mass killers, tyrants, or communists. He reserves it for our friend who is relentlessly attacked by an enemy, Hamas, that declares Israel has no right to exist. This enemy breaks one cease-fire after another with barely a raised eyebrow from our commander-in-cheif.

The president is enraged at Israeli treatment of Hamas. Even more, he doesn’t think that our Jewish friends have been very nice to our inept Secretary of State, John Kerry.

I just read that another American has been beheaded by the Islamic State. Hope it doesn’t interfere with the president’s golf game. Now that can really tick him off.