What a heartless mob

Detractors to my recent essay in the Des Moines Register claim I “hate women” since I oppose webcam abortions:

“I’ve got to wonder at anyone who so hates females that he’d elevate the rights of a fetus over those of a woman.”

I oppose webcam abortions on the ground that they can hurt women, as it did to Holly Patterson, and kill her fetus, which compelling evidence reveals as being a human being. The “hate women” claim is nonsense, of course, and is trotted out by those who are unable to muster a more persuasive argument …

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A letter from Holly Patterson’s dad

I wrote a recent post titled “RU-486 is poison.” I made reference to a young woman, Holly Patterson, who died a decade ago as a result of taking the RU-486 human abortion pill. The piece appeared in the Des Moines Register on Friday. Her father responded:

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RU-486 is poison

Holly Patterson ingested the poison on a Saturday. The eighteen year old girl had been perfectly healthy up to that moment. Before the day was through, she began experiencing cramping and constipation. Within a week, she was dead from septic shock.

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