A letter from Holly Patterson’s dad

By Tom Quiner

I wrote a recent post titled “RU-486 is poison.”

I made reference to a young woman, Holly Patterson, who died a decade ago as a result of taking the RU-486 human abortion pill.

The piece appeared in the Des Moines Register on Friday.

Her father responded:

Dear Mr. Quiner:

I read your article today as it mentioned my daughter, Holly Patterson, and her fatal experience with RU-486/misoprostol medical abortion in 2003.

Medical abortion can be a very dangerous procedure. The health, safety and welfare of women should never be this compromised just for the sake of women’s rights to access. Women need to completely understand the health consequences of this drug regimen to properly make an informed decision that is in their best interest.

Based on what I know, the so-called “health care (abortion) providers” are doing a very poor job informing women of RU-486 medical abortion risks while they are present in a clinic setting.

The medical abortion off-label process is increasingly becoming a do-it-yourself procedure. This will create more injuries and fatalities that probably will go unreported.

The abortion providers don’t appear to be responsible for handling their own patients complications and just simply direct them to an emergency hospital where doctors may not be familiar with their situation.

I can only imagine the information women may be getting from a web cam consultation, in a remote location, with minimal or no emergency hospital facilities to handle their life-threatening complications.

It is my hope that women and families, become educated with the facts about the real risks of these abortion drugs.

I created a website “Abortion Pill Risks – Just the Facts”http://abortionpillrisks.org/ and a YouTube video called “Abortion Pill – Health Risks and Facts” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtLe2PR5j54 as a educational resource for the international community.


Monty L. Patterson