The pro life generation is here 13

In a single moment, the devastating decline of the human abortion movement was revealed.

As background, yesterday was the 2nd annual Midwest March for Life. Despite lousy weather, despite a dire forecast, the pro life faithful bundled up to proudly march for life.

Des Moines, Iowa, is not known for hospitable weather in mid January. So why march now? Because the event roughly coincides with the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision which overturned every single state law that protected the preborn. More…

Prayers continue to be answered this Advent 4

The secular world is oblivious to the lavish quantity of prayers devoted to Life.

In the Catholic Church alone, thousands of the faithful say Rosaries every day, every week, every month, year-after-year on behalf of this single cause alone.

So many of our Protestant brothers and sisters join us in praying on behalf of the dignity of human life … More…

Planned Parenthood’s veracity gap 3

Women get hurt from the abortion pill.

The FDA released a report two years ago which itemized the harm done to women who ingested the RU-486 (Mifepristone) human abortion pill.

Two-thousand, two-hundred and seven women got hurt.

Fourteen women died.

Another six-hundred and twelve were hospitalized.

Three-hundred thirty-nine women required transfusions.

Two-hundred fifty-six suffered infections, forty-eight of them severe.

And yet here in Iowa, not a single injury. Go figure. More…

“Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!” 13

“Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!”

The expletive from the man probably made him feel good. “Boy, that really put them in their place,” may have been his mindset as he hurled his invective at the praying crowd at Planned Parenthood. And profanity is often a tool of the inarticulate.

He does pose an interesting question, don’t you think? An entire political party thinks abortion IS awesome. So what could possibly be awesome about abortion? I think the human abortion crowd would identify three “awesome” aspects of unfettered human abortion: More…