How Democrats defend bigotry

I am rerunning another piece about the Jack Hatch saga from two years ago. Mr. Hatch, the Democratic candidate for Governor this year, led the charge to smear a good, Catholic woman and keep her off the Iowa Board of Medicine, to which she had been nominated by Republican Governor, Terry Branstad. This all happened two years ago.

This piece provides another glimpse into the political character of Jack Hatch, and why he isn’t fit to be governor of the great state of Iowa.

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Revisiting Jack Hatch’s deceit

Jack Hatch is the candidate for Governor for the Democratic Party. He has staked out ultra pro-human abortion positions, just as his opponent, Terry Branstad, has been a consistent defender of Life.

In light of Mr. Hatch’s prominence, it is worth revisiting my post from two years ago (April 23, 2012) which gave us a glimpse into Mr. Hatch’s political character. This piece also ran in the Des Moines Register.

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