Movie Review: “Paul, Apostle of Christ”

Christian movies are often hit or miss.

Often, the writers and director are more intent on clubbing the audience over the head with their message than drawing us into a great story with a deft touch.

“Paul, Apostle of Christ,” succeeds in drawing us into the rich fabric of this complex man’s life without clubbing us over the head.

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Is a sequel to “The Passion of the Christ in the works?”

This could be the answer to a prayer.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Mel Gibson is contemplating a sequel to “The Passion of the Christ” based on the rich resurrection stories found in sacred scripture.

His script writer from the 1995 smash-hit “Braveheart,” Randall Wallace, is apparently at work on a script. Wallace studied religion at Duke University and approaches the story with the dignity it deserves…

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God really uses life's screw ups

Even if you’re a total screw up, watch out. God may use you to change the world.
The list of screw ups who changed the world for the good is long. My favorite Old Testament example is …

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A Tuesday glimpse at the moral diversity of our culture

“I’ve become more accepting of porn.” This was the accomplishment of Pasadena College. They offered an entire class on porn. Students had to watch porn in the classroom. They had to watch it as part of their homework. I one scene, which the kids watched in their classroom together. women were called “bitch,” “whore,” and worse. A female student shared her experience:

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How Hollywood can make more money

It’s odd. Inspirational films built upon the bedrock of Judeo-Christian values are box-office gold. But Hollywood won’t finance them. Why would that be? Read more about the latest box office success Hollywood refused to finance …

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