The death of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy has morphed into something unrecognizable to those proud liberals of their day.

To me, the party died with the election of Barack Obama. But if anyone still had doubts, they were put to rest at this week’s Democratic National Convention.

The core belief of the party is ugly: that human life is disposable if it is inconvenient.

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The profane, the violent, and the demagogues

Liberals roared their displeasure on Twitter with typical indelicacy.
They were reacting to the Supreme’s Course smack down of the HHS Mandate imposed on closely held companies, such as Hobby Lobby. The Green family that owns Hobby Lobby said the mandate forced them to violate their religious conscience or be fined.
The Supreme Court agreed with the Greens.
Here are a few (heavily edited) comments on Twitter in reaction…

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The pro life generation is here

In a single moment, the devastating decline of the human abortion movement was revealed.
As background, yesterday was the 2nd annual Midwest March for Life. Despite lousy weather, despite a dire forecast, the pro life faithful bundled up to proudly march for life.
Des Moines, Iowa, is not known for hospitable weather in mid January. So why march now? Because the event roughly coincides with the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision which overturned every single state law that protected the preborn.

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"The right to life is the first among human rights."

My rhetoric can be biting on the subject of Life.
Readers of this blog know how important the Right to Life is to me. You know how utterly abhorrent and discriminatory I find human abortion.
By the same token, I take my lead from my Catholic faith in feeling compassion for the victims of human abortion, which includes the aborted person in the womb; her mother; and her father.
Taking a lead from my Church, I even feel compassion for the misguided souls who work for human abortion factories like Planned Parenthood. This Saturday, I will spend two hours praying in front of Planned Parenthood here in Des Moines …

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A quiet tidal wave of hope

Sluttiness is chic.

If you watched MTV’s Video Music Awards, and I didn’t, you would have seen singers Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga try to out-slut the other.

Harsh words, I know, but accurate …

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