Cultural influences on mass murderers

Are mass public killings on the rise?

I pose the question in light of the latest murder spree that took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina. Nine black Americans were shot at their church by a deranged white guy.

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Do sinners have moral standing to judge sin?

By Tom Quiner “There is a man who goes to my sister’s church who is quite upset over this Duck Dynasty ordeal. This is a man who according to Jesus is an adulterer since he has twice divorced (no annulments granted here). Why does no one seem to have a problem with his sins?” I…

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“I have some serious commitment issues …”

By Tom Quiner A young man wants to live together with his girl friend. But he doesn’t want to get married because he has some “serious commitment issues.” Read yesterday’s post for the set up for today’s post (The Mysterious Benefits of Marriage.) The young man’s commitment phobia gets to the heart of the marriage…

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