Hurricane Hillary is a comin’

By Tom Quiner


Barack Obama was an affirmative-action president.

He had a thin resumé and mysterious past. But he was Black and cool, or as Joe Biden clumsily said, “clean.”

The mainstream media (MSM) went all in for him, pointedly downplaying his resumé and mysterious past at the same time they dug into Sara Palin’s, and later Mitt Romney’s, for any dirt they could find. The media bias was unprecedented.

It had an impact on the Republicans.

Knowing that the media had his back, Obama was brazen in his trampling of the Constitution. For example, he refused to comply with the War Powers Act when bombing Libya.

He refused to enforce Congressional provisions in Obamacare because he didn’t like them.

He forced Universities to ignore Constitutionally-enacted procedural protections in the case of sexual assault allegations.

He casually brushed aside the IRS scandal and didn’t indict anyone.

He trampled on bankruptcy protection laws in favor of unions in the bailouts of Chrysler and GM.

The list is much longer than this, but you get the idea. Republicans were helpless to stop him. They knew that any impeachment rumblings would not only fail, but would destroy the already tarnished Republican brand. The Left’s pushback would have been amplified and championed by the MSM. Republicans would have been destroyed. Look how badly impeachment proceedings ended up when they went after Bill Clinton.

This litany serves as prelude to a potential Hillary Clinton presidency. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, impeachment is inevitable.

She is transparently corrupt.

Unlike Obama or her husband, people don’t like her. Never have, never will.

No matter what she does, she can’t mask her phoniness or knee-jerk need to dissemble. The media doesn’t slobber over her like they do Obama, and may not have her back when the next wave of Clinton Corruption hits the headlines.

Why did she keep her emails on a private server knowing it was illegal? And why did she destroy thousands of emails before they could be vetted according to law? Because she was selling influence.

The Clinton Foundation is nothing but a slush fund. These are not just Donald Trump’s words. They are the words of Bill Allison, a senior analyst for The Sunshine Foundation. Here’s how their website describes the Sunshine Foundation:

The Sunlight Foundation is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that uses the tools of civic tech, open datapolicy analysis and journalism to make our government and politics more accountable and transparent to all.

Mr. Allison said:

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”

He sites as evidence their 2013 tax forms. It seems that the Clinton Foundation took in $140 Million in grants and pledges, but only spent $9 Million in direct aid.

In 2014, only 5.7% of their budget went to charitable grants. By contrast, more than 90% of Dr. Ben Carson’s Scholarship Fund goes to direct aid for students.

The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund. The email scandal was necessary, in her eyes, to obfuscate Hillary’s violation of the public trust.

Each Clinton scandal, and they are countless, follows a similar course, as Peggy Noonan writes in today’s Wall Street Journal. Ms. Noonan recounts Travelgate, the first Hillary scandal when the Clintons came to the White House, summarizing it this way:

“So—that was the Clintons’ first big Washington scandal. It showed what has now become the Clinton Scandal Ritual: lie, deny, revise, claim not to remember specifics, stall for time. When it passes, call the story “old news” full of questions that have already been answered. “As I’ve repeatedly said . . .”

Republicans have had a bellyful. Should they retain control of the House and Senate, they will not let Clinton Corruption get a free pass.

Hillary WILL violate her oath of office. Guaranteed. Her presidency will subject the country to a national nightmare that can only be avoided with her defeat this November.

I’m not sure the country can survive the drama a Hurricane Hillary can inflict on America.


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