Finding common ground on Planned Parenthood

America’s political Left and Right can at last find common ground on at least one subject: Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to some gritty investigative undercover reporting by a variety of groups, we have learned much about the organization spawned by Margaret Sanger. Here’s what we now know, the common ground, so to speak, upon which the two sides can agree:

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Summer of defiance

“What are you defying?” I asked.

“We are demanding that Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature restore funding to Planned Parenthood so women have access to reproductive healthcare,” she said.

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Democrats continue to block Zika legislation unless Planned Parenthood gets money

By Tom Quiner The Zika Virus poses grave health risks to society. To help ward off a public health crisis, Republicans in Congress have crafted legislation that would provide funding to ‘health services provided by public health departments, hospitals, or reimbursed through public health plans.’ Democrats are blocking the bill unless taxpayer monies are also appropriated…

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