The Pope puts a hit out on Larry David

“My fellow Christians. The American media and entertainment establishment has heaped one blasphemy after another on our faith. We have meekly turned the other cheek time and time again. And where has it gotten us? The blasphemers are only emboldened. Each act of sacrilege is worse than the previous. In the name of God, in the name of Christ, this must stop. Today, I am calling on the faithful to act. The perpetrator of this outrage must be hunted down. He must pay for this atrocity with his life. The honor of Jesus Christ demands it. The dignity of religious faith demands it. And I demand it.”

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The communion rail

I grew up in the Episcopal Church. A communion rail was used during communion.

By the time I joined the Catholic Church, communion rails had pretty much been banished. I’ve never taken communion at a communion rail in a Catholic Church, and I’ve attended a lot of churches around the country.

I read that communion rails are beginning to make a comeback…

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The dysfunctional family that is the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is a big, messy family.

I’m blogging live at the Christ Our Life Catholic Conference at Wells Fargo Arena. The arena is packed with the Catholic faithful from around the Midwest. I’m guessing there are about 7500 Catholics in attendance…

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