Socialism fails once again

The most famous ice cream store in the world, Coromoto, has closed their doors. They hold the Guinness world record for most flavors: 863, including a beer-flavored ice cream. Why are they closed? Because there is a milk shortage in Venezuela where Coromoto is located…

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Is Scandinavia really better than the United States?

One of this blog’s socialist readers recently waxed eloquent about the economic virtue of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, aka the Scandinavian countries.

She made some compelling points:

“If you look at countries with a strong welfare model, like in Scandanvia, they pay up to 60% in tax, have high rates of benefits yet low levels of unemployment. Raising the social safety net has made them the best and most productive places to live in the world, with the lowest levels of income inequality.”

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Americans are learning how socialism works

The Register’s editorial “Insurance’s Forgotten Lesson: We All Help Each Other” [Nov. 17] made the arrogant claim that “One benefit (of Obamacare) is being overlooked: Americans are finally learning how insurance works.” As a self-employed insurance professional and practicing Catholic, I think the aforementioned sentence makes more sense when worded, “Americans are finally learning how socialism works.”

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Saturday morning economics lesson

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] Should government be bigger or smaller? These two approaches to governance are on the line this election cycle more than ever. President Obama has already expanded government beyond anyone’s imaginings, and has barely gotten started should he win reelection. Republicans think government is too big and would like to slow its…

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