[Name of candidate] is lying!

There is something so unseemly about calling someone a liar.

I’m never sure if it helps the person using this pejorative. We have heard the slur hurled by a number of Republican candidates at a number of their opponents this election cycle…

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How do you predict an upcoming vote?

The conventional approach is by polling a representative sample of the electorate. However, the art and science of polling seems to be getting increasingly unreliable.

There’s another approach: talk to a bookmaker. See who people are actually betting on with real money…

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When Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the next president of the United States, the Chris Christie effect will long be talked about.

I refer to last Saturday’s debate.

Governor Christie cut Marco Rubio off at the knees in one of the most consequential debate moments in a long time…

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Did you miss it?

How many articles have you read slobbering over the fact that Rafael Cruz (aka “Ted”) is the first Hispanic-American to win a presidential caucus?

How many breathless articles have read about Señor Marco Antonio Rubio’s chances to become the first Hispanic president of the United States?

How about Carly Fiorina’s chances to become the first woman president?

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If you are looking for a way to increase the size of Big Government, impose a Value Added Tax on business.

The VAT tax is the driving force behind Europe’s expansive government and onerous tax burden. Europe began implementing the VAT tax in the late 60s. Their tax burden has increased by about 50% since, while ours has remained relatively stable (until Obama).

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I received an e-mail from a friend who is concerned about the direction of our country.

At one point, she supported Marco Rubio in this campaign cycle, but has just switched her allegiance to Ted Cruz. She likes Cruz because he is a pro life Christian conservative.

For the record, so is Marco Rubio.

She opposes Trump, but now thinks Mr. Cruz is the best candidate. She asked what I thought. Here is how I replied:

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The great quarterback, Peyton Manning, isn’t so great when the weather gets cold.

His record is 0-5 in play-off games when the temperature at game time is 40 degrees or less.

I see a comparison with the upcoming Iowa caucuses. Donald Trump is a warm weather team; Ted Cruz has a cold weather team.

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