Why the Constitution is racist!

By Tom Quiner





You are about to enter the zany world of Jodi Miller, lead “investigative” reporter for NewsBusted. Liberals, put your defenses up. You’re about to experience some good-natured ribbing with these latest “scoops” …

√ Polling data reveals mixed reactions to Obama’s handling of high gas prices.

√ What the Constitution means if the Court strikes down Obamacare.

√ The new retirement age is a comin’!

√ Why Democrats may feel compelled to censure scientists at Syracuse University.

√ Charlie Rangel says the media is biased!

√ Oh, oh … Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in upcoming biopic.

√ A military expenditure even Michael Moore can get behind.

√ Lender’s bagel founder dies.

Studies show that liberals are angrier and don’t find many things funny compared to conservatives.

What do you think?

For now, sit back.


It’s Friday.  Here’s Jodi! …