By Tom Quiner





You are about to enter the zany world of Jodi Miller, lead “investigative” reporter for NewsBusted. Liberals, put your defenses up. You’re about to experience some good-natured ribbing with these latest “scoops” …

√ Polling data reveals mixed reactions to Obama’s handling of high gas prices.

√ What the Constitution means if the Court strikes down Obamacare.

√ The new retirement age is a comin’!

√ Why Democrats may feel compelled to censure scientists at Syracuse University.

√ Charlie Rangel says the media is biased!

√ Oh, oh … Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in upcoming biopic.

√ A military expenditure even Michael Moore can get behind.

√ Lender’s bagel founder dies.

Studies show that liberals are angrier and don’t find many things funny compared to conservatives.

What do you think?

For now, sit back.


It’s Friday.  Here’s Jodi! …

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