ADULTS ONLY: Location of G spot discovered?

By Tom Quiner


Oh, my goodness! Jodi Miller is on a roll today!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, and NewsBusted’s cracker jack reporter is about to unload on you the searing coverage the Mainstream News Media won’t go near.


Because it doesn’t make Mitt Romney look bad!

Even though it’s dangerous to cross the Obama Machine, Jodi is fearless. Let them audit her! The government already has all her money, like the rest of us yokels!

Today’s stories have a good natured edge that might even generate a smirk out of our Kommander and Chief Himself [cynicism intended].

Today’s stories:

√ Recovery summer #3 is just six weeks away!

√ Will Obama be re-elected over our dead bodies?!

√ How the MSM treats Obama’s “composite girl friend”

√ 46% of doctors regret going into medicine.  And a 100% of them regret [watch for the answer!]

√ Why Newt Gingrich’s campaign debt is no big dea.

√ South Carolina teacher awarded the “Helen Thomas Teacher’s Award!”

√ Obama’s Jewish support plunges.

√ ADULTS ONLY:  Location of G spot discovered?

Hang on to your seat for some spicy Friday reporting. Take it away, Jodi!