Will Democrats allow Catholic citizens to serve?

By Tom Quiner

Iowa’s Republican Governor appointed a Catholic woman to the Iowa Board of Medicine.

This is a big deal. This Board influences whether telemed abortions will spread throughout Iowa to the financial benefit of Planned Parenthood. If Planned Parenthood succeeds, telemed abortions will begin spreading throughout America.

The Iowa Senate, controlled by Democrats, rejected the nominee with a shameless smear campaign grounded in deceit and disinformation. [Dishonest Democrats smear a good woman.]

Undeterred, Governor Terry Branstad has put forth the name of another faithful Catholic to serve on the Board of Medicine: Monsignor Frank Bognanno.

Will Senate Democrats allow THIS Catholic citizen to serve?

Outgoing Board member, Tom Drew,was quoted on the Des Moines Register website, as questioning the appropriateness “of nominating someone who is so identified with one side of a controversy that regularly comes before the medical board.” His views mimic the rhetoric used by Democratic Senator, Jack Hatch, in leading the charge against the previous nominee, Colleen Pasnik.

Monsignor Bognanno, needless to say, is a practicing Catholic who embraces the Church’s position on the sanctity of life, the same as Ms. Pasnik.

I reject the assertion of Mr. Drew and Senate Democrats that Catholic beliefs are an automatic disqualifier from serving on public boards or public office. There’s a word for this, and it begins with a “b.”

For the record, Mr. Drew is a Catholic. He says he admires Monsignor Bognanno. He evidently questions whether a man who publicly embraces the Church’s position on Life issues is qualified for public service, unlike, say, a Tom Harkin or Nancy Pelosi, both self-proclaimed Catholics, who publicly disown critical Catholic principles.

For the record, Monsignor Bognanno embraces positions the Democrat party embraced not all that long ago, until their belief system began to “evolve.” [“The evolution of principle.”]

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads with this nomination. Have they reached a point where they feel liberated to bully a dependable constituency, Catholics, in their zealous expansion of  “abortion rights?”

Or will they practice their rhetoric that for so long has dripped with words like “inclusion” and “diversity.”

Will Iowa Democrats allow Catholic citizens to serve their state?