Thousands of Catholics march for freedom in 100 degree heat!

By Tom Quiner

Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad, and Bishop Richard Pates led the Fortnight for Freedom rally Sunday in Des Moines, IA.

Earth to Obama: you have a problem.

The Fortnight for Freedom rallies around the country reveal the depth of the president’s problem.  Barack Obama is losing the Catholic vote.

Here in Des Moines, twenty-five hundred of the Catholic faithful gathered in sweltering heat at the Catholic Pastoral Center.  We walked a couple of miles in the hundred degree sun to the state capital grounds.

Bishop Richard Pates and Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad, led the walk.

Unlike the Occupy Wall Street protests, ours was dignified.  We were clean.  We prayed.  And here’s a huge difference: hundreds … make that over a thousand American flags were on proud display.

The gathered faithful love their country and her liberties.

Dowling Catholic singers led us in song at the Fortnight for Freedom rally.

They prayed and sang with a fervor yesterday that was beautiful. The fervor wasn’t induced by the temperature outdoors; it was induced by the passion burning in their hearts for America and her freedoms.

Barack Obama is taking away our religious freedom. There is no another way to say it. The HHS Mandate would go away today if he so desired.

Mr. Obama won 53% of the Catholic vote in the 2008 election. It is impossible to see how he can win 45% this time in light of the HHS mandate and the taxpayer-funded abortion provisions sneaked into Obamacare.

Barack Obama is the most anti-Catholic president ever.

Earth to Obama: you have a problem.