Polls show that Obama is winning the Muslim Brotherhood vote!

By Tom Quiner


With a headline like that, you know it’s Friday and time for NewBusted’s Jodi Miller, crackerjack reporter for truth, justice, and the American way!

Jodi offers a bundle of breaking bombshells, including:

√ 6 million to be taxed by Obamacare according the CBO.

√ Guess where Obama is redistributing our wealth to?

√ Polls say that Obama is winning the Muslim Brotherhood vote!

√ Why Obama redesigned the American flag.

√ The difference between Los Angeles and New York.

√ What’s worse than having two gay dads?

√ Serviceman’s Facebook status tips his hand!

√ Woman busted for breast feeding at Appleby’s!

Can you handle the truth? Try! It’s worth the ride with Jodi Miller.

Take it away, Jodi!

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  1. Shawn Pavlik on September 28, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Separation of church and state, but not from this president. Read this: