Libs celebrate the “green” a little differently than the Irish!

By Tom Quiner


Time to lighten up!

In this era of the bleak, Obama economy, we need to pause and laugh from time to time. What better way than with our usual Friday installment of news, brought to you by NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller!

Jodi offers up some juicy, newsy morsels today:

√ How liberals celebrate the “green” a little bit differently than the Irish.

√ A bleak economy for college grads.

√ The root cause of weight loss in children.

√ Food stamps for pets?

√ Subway founder weighs in on Obamanomics.

√ Why are women fat?

√ Man kidnapped and dragged to strip club.

√ Chris Christie is hugely popular.

The mainstream media loves to mock conservatives. Jodi has a little fun with our liberal brothers and sisters to balance the scales.

Get ready for conservative laughs! Take it away, Jodi!