The Oscars showcased America’s one-percenters

By Tom Quiner


I have good news: it’s Friday.

I have more good news: laughter is good for the soul.

And I have even more good news: it’s time for this Friday’s installment of NewsBusted, starring ace reporter, Jodi Miller.

Get ready to laugh! Get ready to nurture your soul! Jodi dishes up some delightful, newsy morsels that poke gentle fun at our liberal brothers and sisters.

Check out these sizzling scoops which Jodi hurls at us in rapid-fire succession:

√ Oscars once again showcase America’s one-percenters!

√ Who really deserved the Oscar for best actor!

√ Obama announces he won’t rest until the economy is fixed.

√ First grade inventor is about to be introduced to the real world.

√ Mediocre student snapped right up by the Obama Justice Department!

√ How California plans to handle the Obamacare-induced doctor shortage.

√ How Brits discovered there’s horsemeat in their food.

√ Mexican liberals move to ban musical instruments.

Jodi points out something amazing: when it comes to liberals, the truth really IS stranger than fiction!

Have a great weekend. Here’s Jodi!


  1. justturnright on March 1, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Love her!

  2. yeshomo on March 1, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    I am neither religious nor a conservative but I appreciate dialogue on controversial issues. The blog on Matthew Parris and the church I found fascinating. I am also gay and an agnostic but not a conservative although I hold many views that my liberal friends wouid brand me as conservative. I was surprised that you would incorporate News Busted into your blog. Art should not be considered art if its only merit is pandering to the converted. There has to be a twist through irony or poignancy that engages the mind to a higher realm. I am not saying that you believe comedy has to be art, but i hate when the left’s comedy is grandstanding and devoid of transcendence. I would appreciate your views on this.

    • quinersdiner on March 1, 2013 at 10:08 pm

      Interesting comments. Not sure what you’re saying when you say NewsBusted is “pandering to the converted.” I guess that is true, because they know their audience: conservatives. Conservatives will find Jodi funnier than liberals do, although I’m sure even liberals would find some of her jokes funny. The Doonesbury comic strip panders to liberals. I’m okay with that. I get ticked sometimes. But I also think it’s funny and read it every single day. I’m not sure I’d call NewsBusted art. However, I think comedy can be art when it is done intelligently. I like movies. I think it is much harder to make a good funny movie than a serious drama. It’s hard to sustain humor for two hours. Bottom line: you may be over-thinking NewsBusted. I would very much like to hear more from you regarding Matthew Parris’ comments. I read elsewhere where he commended Christianity’s missionary zeal for helping people in Africa (he’s from South Africa, I believe). Please come again, please keep commenting.