Transcending decency

By Tom Quiner

It’s time to get over our love affair with the newborn.

That’s the message Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s attorney gave to the jury in the good doctor’s trial.

If you recall, Dr. Gosnell ran the “House of Horrors” in Philadelphia.

He performed abortions there. Late term abortions.

He delivered the baby. Then he killed it (or as a decent person would say, “him or her”) by “snipping” the neck.

Attorney Jack McMahon, speaking on behalf of human abortionists everywhere, lectured the jury to get over their love affair with the newborn:

“Abortion — as is any surgical procedure — isn’t pretty. It’s bloody. It’s real. But you have to transcend that.”

We need to transcend decency.

In other words, we need to become more callous, more uncaring, more brutal. We need to be more like animals.

Transcendency typically means rising above, going to a higher level. Human abortionists view transcendency as once and for all “getting over our love affair with the fetus.” In fact, they want us to move beyond the fetus and get over our love affair with the newborn.

Former employees have testified to what they saw in the House of Horrors.

They saw the “snipped” babies move.

They saw them breathe.

They heard them whine before the “doc” finished them off.

The human abortion attorney scoffed, calling all of these lifelike movements as merely “spasms.”

Then he scolded the prosecutors for “manipulating” these former employees into copping a plea for colluding in these deaths. You see, human abortionists see nothing wrong with what happened. The intent was to kill the kid. Aren’t we quibbling over details on how the human abortion is handled and where the deed takes place?

“They should be ashamed of themselves for that,” said Mr. McMahon with the characteristic chutzpah of the human abortion crowd.

Let’s project ahead.

The human abortion movement faces grave risk whatever the outcome of the Gosnell trial. If Dr. Gosnell is convicted, the word “murder” is now linked to the word “abortion.” Did you notice how President Obama did not use the word abortion in his talk at Planned Parenthood?

The word Abortion is now politically incorrect.

A whole lot of folks are going to scratch their heads and wonder, “what’s the difference between what Doc Gosnell did and what happens in human abortion clinics all the time?”

Let’s face it, it’s the same kid.

Every one of the human abortionists’ victims has human DNA. The only difference is where they’re at on the arc of their life.

A Gosnell conviction also exposes the myth that human abortion is all about women’s reproductive health. How can it be? Dr. Gosnell’s had a patient die from a botched abortion. He had more who were so damaged they can never have children again.

And folks are waking up to the fact, the FACT, that this kind of savagery is taking place at the hands of human abortionists elsewhere, thanks to the latest expose’ from Live Action Films (see “How to change the world with lies.”)

So a Gosnell conviction is a very bad thing for the human abortion lobby.

But if Gosnell is acquitted, I think the fallout is worse for human abortionists. Granted, the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t like this story. They’ve provided minimal coverage. Their inaction has actually shone a spotlight on the atrocities in the House of Horrors.

If Dr. Gosnell gets off, I think a whole lot of folks are going to ask themselves a very simple question: “Have we sunk this far?”

No one is going to like the answer.


  1. tannngl on April 30, 2013 at 10:52 am

    I think a whole lot is at stake here. Not only the possibility of Dr. Gosnell getting off but the very real possibility of a GUILTY finding. When that heppens, there’s going to be more late term facilities found and more charges filed and the people who ‘thought’ they were pro choice are going to rethink this.

    • quinersdiner on April 30, 2013 at 11:05 am

      Excellent point.

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  4. oarubio on May 7, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    You’re right, if we could just transcend decency, then we could also understand why the HHS mandate treats human pregnancy as a preventable disease. Guess I’ll never be as lofty as those who can numb themselves to the horror of murder (didn’t have to use the “A-word, Mr. President).