Why Staten Island residents wish Bush was still president!

By Tom Quiner


The news can be so grim these days. That’s why we need a little news each Friday with a twist: the Jodi Miller twist. Jodi is the ace reporter for NewsBusted who uncovers the scoops the MSM won’t touch.

Here’s this week’s stories:

√ Illegal alien vote stuck at 98% for Dems!

√ Obama gets doctors to act more like government employees.

√ The challenge of determining the unemployed from the employed in Spain and Greece!

√ CNN targets gays with new show.

√ Why Staten Island residents wish Bush was still president.

√ The danger of “It’s a small world.”

√ The CDC determines most STDs can be traced to a single house in America.

Start your weekend off with a laugh. Take it away, Jodi!


  1. xPraetorius on April 13, 2013 at 7:28 am

    I LOVE Jodi Miller! NewsBusted’s short pieces are the best!

    — x