Plans to build a mosque at Boston Marathon?

By Tom Quiner


What do we know about George W. Bush since he left office some four years ago?

Guantanamo is still open.

The Patriot Act is still on the books.

He has a new presidential library.

He’s now as popular as Barack Obama! How the wheel turns.

NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller digs into a few stories involving the opening of the new presidential library. Jodi delivers the news with a distinctive conservative twist, sure to delight even the most die-hard liberal.

Okay, perhaps I exaggerate. Nonetheless, she delivers the gritty stories the MSM won’t go near, including these gems:

√ Something new to blame on Bush!

√ Presidents spar at dedication of new Bush library!

√ Plans to build a mosque at Boston Marathon?

√ Dems come up with plan to kill 2 birds with one stone when it comes to illegal immigrants.

√ AP insists they can handle their own false reporting!

√ The 2nd cruelest joke ever played on T’eo.

√ Red line crossed, Obama promises to make an arrest!

√ George W. Bush’s approval  ratings catch up with Obama’s!

It’s Friday, my friends, time to kick back and enjoy a few laughs with Jodi Miller.

Take it away, Jodi!