The era of power politics

By Tom Quiner

Compromise is out. Power politics is in.

We witnessed power politics at its best with the welcome news that the Iowa Board of Medicine has taken the first step to banning “webcam abortions,” also know as telemed abortions.

As background, the Board of Medicine has been in the news for several years year. This is the Board that allowed Planned Parenthood to proceed with these lucrative procedures in Iowa.

In other words, even though a doctor is not present as one should be, according to Iowa law, the Board gave the abortion lobby the green light to provide them via a computer monitor from a remote location. With the press of a button, they could simply dispense abortion pills.

Then, the Board consisted of members nominated by Democratic governors.

When Iowa elected Republican Terry Branstad as Governor in 201o, the composition of the Board began to change in a very publicized way. Governor Branstad nominated a pro life advocate from Dubuque to the Board. Senate Democrats voted her down by simply lying about her.

Since I knew this woman, whose only crime was being a practicing Catholic, I set the record straight in a piece which appeared in the Des Moines Register, which you can read here: “Dishonest Iowa Democrats smear a good woman.”

[For new readers to this blog, I was being cynical characterizing being a practicing Catholic a crime. I am one, too, and honor my Church’s position on Life issues.]

Governor Branstad responded by nominating a high profile and beloved priest, Monsignor Frank Bognanno, to the Board. Perhaps afraid of being labeled as anti-Catholic bigots, Democrats meekly approved the good Monsignor’s nomination. Since then, Branstad has replaced the entire Board with his nominees.

It takes power politics to get things done anymore.

How was Obamacare passed? Power politics. Democrats shoved it down our throats without a single Republican vote.

How did Obama gut the coal industry? He couldn’t get “Cap and Trade” legislation passed, so he just crammed it down our throats with a presidential edict.

Kudos to Governor Terry Branstad for nominating a rational Board of Medicine, despite intense heat from Planned Parenthood and their political lapdogs, the Democratic Party, that is putting an end to telemed abortions.