Liberal blame game

By Tom Quiner

Here is typical banter in the Quiner household:
MONDAY … Karen: “Looks like it’s going to be a warm one today.”
Tom: “Damn Bush and his global warming.”
TUESDAY … Karen:”Wow a cold front is coming in.”
Tom: “Damn Bush and his climate change.”
WEDNESDAY … Karen: “Looks like rain.”
Tom … “Damn Bush. Don’t worry, Obama will stop the seas from rising.”
You get the drift. Mr. Obama’s rhetoric has always been characterized by grandiosity and blame. It kind of brings out the snark in me.
That’s why the cartoon above is especially funny. The Obamacare disaster lies entirely at the feet of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. They built it. They shut Republicans out. They passed the monstrosity without a single vote from the opposition party.
They may be able to get the exchanges up and running someday, but that doesn’t change the underlying structural flaws and illogic of the entire program.
I did hear liberal Fox News contributor, Juan Williams try to place some of the blame on Republicans earlier this week with this gem:

 “People in the White House and HHS felt there is such massive opposition from the Republicans that they did not want to say, ‘You know, we need to slow down a little bit because we don’t have the technology in order.’ So they were willing to just say let’s roll it out see how it works for now…”

Republican’s fault.
How ’bout if we just blame Bush?