The Borg presidency

By Tom Quiner

images“You will be assimilated!”
These were the ominous words of one of the most insidious television villains ever: the Borg.
The Borg were the creation of the Star Trek franchise, appearing on numerous episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager. They even appeared in one of the Star Trek films.
Who were the Borg?  The Star Trek website describes them as …

… a cybernetic life-form thousands of years old which is part organic, part artificial life. The Borg only want to “raise the quality of life” of the species they “assimilate.” Born humanoid, they are almost immediately implanted with bio-chips that link their brains to a collective consciousness via a unique subspace frequency emitted by each drone.

They remind me of the Obama presidency.
Here’s what I mean. Eighty-five percent of Americans were happy with their existing health insurance BEFORE the passage of Obamacare.
The American people were dubious of a plan that might negatively impact upon their current coverage. There was only ONE WAY for Obamacre to pass: the president had to promise  the American people that we could keep our current coverage if that was our preference.
The president repeatedly made these assurances.
The lie was exposed once the coercive “individual mandate” began to be imposed. Depending upon to whom you listen, some 5 to 10 million Americans lost their existing coverage.
Before the implementation of this mandate, 47% of Americans opposed Obamacare.
After implementation of Obamacare and the exposure of the president’s lie, 57% opposed Obamacare. This is dramatic ten point swing in little more than half-a-year.
It’s going to get worse.
Major mainstream media news outlets, who have played the role of Obamacare’s lapdog for three years, are beginning to report that policy cancellations will go far beyond the individual market.  CBS  said the small-employer market of 2 to 50 employees is going to be hit next. That could affect another 45 million people who currently have insurance coverage which they wish to keep.
To make matters worse, the Obama administration knew this would happen back in 2010, at the same time the president vowed it would not happen, according to CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson”

“We learned that the government estimated all along that millions of workers will be dropped from their employee insurance under [ObamaCare], and for some it is already happening.”

The Borg-like presidency of Barack Obama wishes to assimilate us into their socialist utopia. The  groupthink of this liberal collective believes it will “raise the quality of life” for the “lower life forms” they encounter, such as working class Americans content with their current coverage.
They will coerce infertile women to buy coverage that includes maternity.
They will coerce Catholics to buy coverage that violates their conscience.
They will coerce Libertarians to embrace an expansion of the federal government unimaginable even five years ago.
The American people, by a growing margin, oppose it.
The Borg President has a simple response:

“Resistance is futile.”