The brazen lie

By Tom Quiner

As of earlier today, the Obamacare website STILL stuck to the lie that if you like your current health insurance, you can keep it.
I posted the screen above as proof.
As recently as September 26th, Barack Obama was STILL making the same claim. Amazingly, just five days before the Obamacare exchanges were to open and the lie would be exposed, the president stuck to the lie.
Here is the question: are these people stupid, arrogant, or sociopaths?
Some readers may understandably bristle at my speculation that this administration is exhibiting symptoms of sociopathy. Frankly, I don’t blame you. I’m simply trying to understand the brazen willingness of this administration to lie, and keep on lying, knowing that their lies will eventually be exposed.
Yes, they are not the brightest tool in the shed. That’s obvious by the “resounding, famous, fantastical flop” (to quote Peggy Noonan) of the Obamacare rollout.
Yes they’re arrogant. Can you blame them? The mainstream media has given their ineptness a free pass as a show of their ideological solidarity with the president and his party.
This brings me to the sociopathy meme. It is the job of investigative journalists to expose these hucksters. For the most part, the MSM media has chosen not to dig deep into this administration’s relentless deceptions.
So how can you identify a sociopath? Here are a few markers:

1. Sociopaths are charismatic. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of strong leaders, from Teddy Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan have been charismatic. This only becomes a danger sign if they use their charm to violate social contracts.
2. They don’t tend to feel guilt, shame, or remorse.  They can betray, threaten, or harm people without the usual sense of guilt most of us would feel.
3. They exaggerate their experiences. Their past is sketchy, and yet they can tell the narrative of their life  with a certain grandiosity.
4. They want to win at all costs. “I won, you lost” is their mantra.
5. They’re smart. They use their intellect to deceive rather than empower.
6. They are self-serving.  They don’t feel compassion for others like most people.
7. They speak poetically and can mesmerize their audience.
8. They are never wrong. Rather than apologize when they are proven wrong, they go on the attack.
9. They believe what they say, even when it is a lie.

Consider the president’s two most brazen lies of the last year. You know what they are. One was the whopper that the Benghazi attack was caused by an American film maker who made an anti-Muslim film. He stuck with the lie for ten days, never apologizing for his deceit.
The other was that “if we like our current coverage, we can keep it. As of this morning, their website stuck to this falsehood.
Still no apology. This man is never wrong.
Does he really think his lie is true?
Does he feel any compassion for millions like me who are losing their coverage and will have to pay far more than we are now?
This charismatic man spoke with a poetic grandiosity which was even shocking by modern day standards when he proclaimed, “This was the moment when … the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
This is a man with a sketchy, murky past that has been carefully guarded by his handlers, and coddled by a media which refused to do the due diligence that they did with his predecessor.
Is this administration sociopathic? I ask you the question. I cannot provide the answer.
All I know is that we owe Richard Nixon an apology.