Global warming continues to cause cold weather!

By Tom Quiner

It is a cold Saturday morning in Iowa.
What better way to warm up than with a few good laughs. And what better way to enjoy some good laughs than with a news report from NewsBusted’s legendary reporter, Jodi Miller.
Ms. Miller reports on the foibles of our favorite liberal friends and enemies. Today’s stories are truly startling:

√ Angry liberals (pardon the redundancy) scream for Obama to pass their agenda.
√ The Obamacare “tech surge” is exposed!
√ Amazon develops a “stealth” drone!
√ Sean and Rush switch to liberal station in LA!
√ Newsweek to bring back print version of their rag magazine!
√ Global warming continues to cause cold weather!
√ Liberals accuse George W. Bush of being a tool of “Big Oil Paint!”
√ Prostitutes everywhere support Obamacare!

My friends, the weekend is here. Kick up your feet and enjoy a few laughs.
Then, go pick up your shovel and shovel the snow outside. It’s a lot better than shoveling the stuff Obama keeps throwing at us!