Illegal immigrants caught sneaking back into Mexico!

By Tom Quiner

As we shiver through this ice age of a winter, NewsBusted’s ace reporter, Jodi Miller, is here to warm us up with some good laughs.
She explains all about this frigid weather, and more, in this week’s top stories, including:
√  It’s so cold outside, illegal immigrants are sneaking back into Mexico!
√ Global warming causes the biggest nautical disaster from unexpected ice since the sinking of the Titanic!
√ Terrorist to be charged with directly contradicting a New York Times article!
√ “Let me take another crack at it!” is the new campaign slogan for Toronto’s mayor.
√ Duck Dynasty to come out with their own line of guns.
√ How Obamacare’s free contraception coverage can come in handy.
√ CNN hires  … and then suspends Tim Tebow! Know why?!
In a crazy world where liberals tell us global warming causes cold weather, Jodi Miller helps us make sense of things through reporting that is ALMOST as funny as the mainstream media’s.
Have a great weekend! Take it away, Jodi Miller!